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Meridian Stress Assessment

"When I came to Lynn, she asked if diabetes ran in my family because she was getting indications that I was headed that way. She said that the MSA could pick up signs of possible issues very early. I do have that in my family. She said I should start making dietary changes now to avoid being on medication in the future. I must say that I did not heed her warning. I changed nothing about my diet. I called her about a year later saying that I was feeling terrible and after asking about my symptoms, she said to ask my doctor to test me for diabetes. I have fibromyalgia and my doctor kept telling me that was what was making me feel so bad but he finally did the test and I am now on diabetic medication. In retrospect, it was amazing she found the issue almost a year before it got so bad. I wish I would have listened to Lynn and made changes earlier.

I also received the Reconnection from Lynn and the experience was worth the investment for the sessions. I saw things, felt things and my body responded involuntarily to the process. I felt like a new person after that...more balanced and I noticed that things in my life were more synchronized.

She offered classes at my home for my clients. She is a great teacher and really informative."

- Tina Michelle - Author, Medium, & Sea Angels Cruise Founder and Director, Ohio

"I had an experience where I had eaten dinner out and something I ate gave me an extreme allergic reaction and I had to go to the emergency room. The hospital said it was the preservative in the pineapple I ate. I went to Lynn Deen to see if I had any other allergies. Using her Meridian Stress Assessment equipment, she confirmed I was allergic to the preservative but also to yellow dye. The pineapple in the restaurant was very yellow - much more than a freshly cut piece of pineapple so I believe that the extreme reaction was due to the combination of preservative and yellow dye. She checked all kinds of other possible food and inhaled allergies and all she found were those two and dust mites.

About a week later, I went in for regular medical allergy testing. After a whole series of tests which were not pleasant, all they found were the preservative and dust mites. So, the MSA allergy testing that Lynn Deen did for me was very accurate - even better than the standard allergy testing and a lot less invasive!"

Amanda Chandler, Madison IN

Four years ago, I developed a rash on my face and derriere which flared up when the weather got hot. I went to several doctors and dermatologists but they could not discover the cause and said I would just have to live with it. It devastated me because the rash was so bad people stared at me when I went out. Lynn tested and found a bacteria from shellfish that caused those type of symptoms. It turns out that just before I started to get the rash, I had gone on my honeymoon to Maine and eaten a lot of lobster. The machine found homeopathic remedies that would help. As Lynn told me, it got worse before it got better because my body had to try to detox the bacteria. But within four months, the rash was completely gone and I have not had it since.

Michelle M, Florida

The MSA does finds all kinds of things that people might not be aware are problems. When Lynn tested me, she found a bacteria from rodents. Low and behold, I had flying squirrels in my attic and they had been there for two years with their junk coming through my ventilation system and down the walls. I would never have realized this was a problem for my body but the machine picked it up. That was amazing.

Brett S., Florida

Lynn has helped my whole family with so many health issues and literally saved my life. I have had severe back, neck and shoulder issues from car accidents. I had rods put in my back in 2013 but the screws grew into my bones causing excruciating pain in my back, hips and legs. I first saw Lynn just before I had the screws removed in 2016. After their removal, the doctors implanted a machine to control the pain but the nickel in it caused an allergic reaction and it had to be surgically removed.

I also had a small mass in my left breast but it had not changed for years. We checked periodically with the MSA to see if there were changes. She told me on a visit in 2017 that there was some change in the readings and I should go to my doctor. I would not have gone otherwise. It turned out I did have stage one breast cancer. I am so allergic to chemicals, I did not want to have chemo or radiation so I opted for a double mastectomy. Throughout all the pain and surgeries, I only used the remedies the MSA recommended and I took no pain medications. It was a Godsend because I have such adverse reactions to drugs and medications.

My husband was a pesticide and herbicide company representative and the MSA found tons of residual chemicals. These can lead to arthritis, tremors and Mike was starting to have both of those. With the guidance of the MSA findings, Mike was able to clear those and has no more symptoms. He also had chronic allergies which are almost non existent now and his mood swings have improved dramatically.

My son also had a lot of chemical exposure and was having skin issues. Those improved. He also weighed 550 pounds when he first started seeing Lynn and now weighs 380. Most of that was due to diet changes and finding the foods that he was allergic to. We have health and lives again because of the MSA testing.

Lois F., Georgia

I had horrible acne on my face and back. The MSA was able to find the right remedies that totally cleared my skin up. I am getting married and so I am so thankful my skin will be glowing as I walk down the aisle.

Lacee L., Florida

When I am came to Lynn based on friendís recommendations, I had Parkinsonís. I had bad tremors, shuffled and had continual brain fog. The testing found a huge amount of chemicals which often cause tremors. We were able to clear those, work on residual bacterial infections from a surgery, and help clear my lungs from growing up in black coal country in England. That was interesting because she found some lung issues and then related them to coal. I had told her nothing about that in the intake. I am now essentially symptom free and traveling the world. I canít image what the remainder of my life would have been without the MSA testing.

Chris B., Canada

I had Reynaudís Syndrome. The tips of my fingers were numb and blue. Using the MSA, Lynn was able to help me and I have no more symptoms of Raynaudís.

Alice O., Florida

I was plagued with chronic cystitis. I was at my wits end. I started working with Lynn and now have virtually no issues. I was able to clear the inflammation and bacteria contributing to the cystitis and learn my food allergies. I only have issues now if I eat the things I know I am not supposed to. My badÖbut at least I got answers and solutions based on the MSA testing. Lynn helped put together the pieces of the puzzle using the MSA so I had a clear picture and could make the needed health changes.

Charlene H, Florida

I am an active 67 year old widow with my own business. Plus I take full care of two horses, dogs, birds etc. My first experience with MSA testing was an incredible eye opener and truly amazing. NO ONE else in the World knew I had ringworm. Well half way through the testing Lynn turns to me and says ĎThe testing shows that you have ring wormí!! I could not believe it as I did not tell her nor was it visible. Based on the MSA testing, I found ways to clear the ringworm. I also was under extreme stress from my businesses and felt fatigued all the time.

I was able to take remedies based on what we found in the MSA. I was warned that I most likely would not feel good maybe even flu like initially as the toxins were being removed from my system. Well I never felt sick but did feel extremely tired. It only lasted about a week but after that the feeling I had was nothing short of Euphoric!!! I had not felt that good since I was in my 20ís! I could not believe the difference it made and told several of my friends all of whom have gone for the testing and had remarkable results from all sorts of health issues. One of the most amazing aspects of this is finding things out long before they become a serious health issue. Or if you are heading in the wrong direction you can correct it now before it becomes so serious!!! Using the MSA, Lynn has cleared up so many things I did not even know I had and feel that MSA testing helps keeps me incredibly healthy. I canít say enough good things about it.

Deb T., Florida

I was essentially a recluse because I had explosive diarrhea since 1998. I could not get from the bed to the bathroom if I had to go so I wore diapers all the time. When Lynn tested me, she found a number of bacteria, mold and parasites which could affect my gastrointestinal functions. I took a remedy to get rid of parasites and OMG a foot long worm came out as well as many other unidentifiable creatures. I was appalled. However, that appears to be the root cause of my intestinal problems. Once the parasites were cleared, I was on the road to recovery. It took about a year of working to clear the bacteria and inflammation, but I am glad to say that I no longer wear diapers, I go anywhere I want without fear of having an accident, and have a life. She did say the testing found an allergy to wheat and I now know that if I eat wheat it causes issues. But now I can manage my health. I am forever grateful to Lynn and the MSA testing.

Sharon B., Florida

In 2007 at age 25, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease (Chronic ITP, a platelet disorder). My body was in such distress I was immediately admitted to the hospital and given large amounts of IV/oral steroids and chemotherapy, which produced many complications. I relapsed in 2010. I was desperate. My Acupuncture Physician works closely with Lynn and her testing. Using the MSA they were able to put together a plan focused on the platelet issue and my platelets increased and remained at a stable level.

Once my platelets were stable my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. I was high risk but my platelets remained stable throughout my complicated pregnancy and emergency C-section with the help of Lynn and Susan. I was now on cloud 9, finally I had a precious child and my health was good.

Six months after having my baby, I was in an auto accident and once again my health plummeted. I began having debilitating pain, couldnít lift my arms, pick my child up or even fasten a diaper. I had severe weakness and swelling all over my body. It was then I saw Lynn for full testing and began improving. I am able to sit on the floor and play with my child and lift her into my arms. During this time my daughter also began having major stomach issues and some severe anaphylactic food allergies, she would foam out of her nose and mouth and turn blue. The stomach issues were so severe her doctor wanted to remove a section of her intestine. We worked with Lynn and today my daughter is doing great without needing any further medical treatment. I cannot begin to express my thankfulness and love for Lynn. Lynn has truly been an answered prayer and an angel in our lives and I believe my daughter and myself are where we are today because of her help.

Casie H., Florida

Other Healing Modalities

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Lynn Deen's gifts since she began her practice. Whatever Lynn is using as the treatment modality, I always feel safe and comfortable. I usually fall immediately to sleep at the beginning of the treatment. Lynn frequently has to wake me up.

Once, I had an experience of deep pain and muscle spasms in my back that was not being relieved with significant doses of a narcotic. I knew if I could just have an appointment with Lynn. I would find relief that would not require any medication.

She utilized Accupressure/Energy and I left feeling really "tuned" up. I had no further need of a narcotic. Lynn creates and holds the space for her clients to restore their balance, harmony and alignment. Thanks for sharing your gifts."

- Mary Benson-Landau, RN, Dayton OH

I had the Reconnection done and it was profound. I have wanted to call and tell about the transformation that happened on the way home. Like a bolt of lightening I felt something go through me while we were flying home. I have been experiencing some really clear messages and I really seem to be pulling in people to my lifeforce with such good information.

- Patty Madar, LMT, Memphis TN

"I have known Lynn Deen for several years and received the benefits from her knowledge and experience. Lynn has helped me with an arthritic condition in both my thumbs with the use of acupressure and "Etheric Weaver." Additionally, through the use of the Meridian Stress Assessment and suggested Bach Flower Essences, I overcame an inability to express myself to supervisors and deal with work and home related stressors. Finally, her expertise with the essences and homeopathic remedies continues to aid my dogs with their behaviors. My three big dogs were so agressive with each other I couldn't let them out of their cages at the same time. Now they play nice with each other."

Leanne Nash, EMS Coordinator/Fire Prevention Officer, West Carrollton, OH

"I did not know what to think about the Reconnection except to say that I had every expectation in the world that it would change my life. I had read nothing about it but a few words, that it would realign my internal meridians with those of both the Earth and the Universe. I felt like I could somehow be reset back to my original factory settings by going through this process. It took a few hours for 2 days and my experiences on the table while Lynn Deen worked on me were quite profound to say the least. I felt it kick in as soon as she placed her hands near my head to begin. My body was being moved and pulled in different directions from the inside out and at one point it felt like thousands of strings being pulled from the insides of my arms as they were pulled up over my head as if I were a puppet. Inside I felt no pain, only sensations, and I was filled with such a gentle, powerful energy I felt as if I could fly. I felt the presence of many working on me, surrounding me completely and I managed to step out of the way and observe the entire thing. The energy inside me was so powerful there was no doubt in my mind that it was not coming from my ego. My hands moved into specific positioning and performed different kinds of postures and movements that I cannot even to this day replicate physically. Sometimes super fast and other times very slow all of it extremely intricate and descriptive. On many occasions the energy became extremely solid and I was concerned I would wack Lynn Deen on accident! I received different kinds of information and heard forces speaking with me during these times and my torso was lifted into the air on more than one occasion, with my heart being pulled upward.

It seemed like I was being worked on in many different aspects in areas that held blockages as well as being opened in all of my senses, my ears, my head, my mouth, my hips, my heart, etc.....

Afterwards Lynn sat with me and explained the process of the Bach Flowers and we picked out a formula for me which I have taken ever since. I knew nothing of the flower essences and didn't really know if they would work or not and I did not know what to expect after the sessions, but the following day I woke up and looked out my window and could no longer see buildings and trees, only enormous clouds of color, red, orange and yellow. And sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I find my hands working on me as they had done under Lynn's care. When I returned home after long travels I felt such a profound sense of connection from my feet to the earth and my head to the universe that I was shocked. And many emotional issues came to the surface for a more clearer understanding of why I had them in the first place. The same issues I was taking the Bach Flower essences for - interesting!

I highly recommend this experience to everyone, don't even hesitate."

Candice Nelms, Mulege, Mexico

Lynn did "The Reconnection" for me in Sept. 2003. It had a profound affect on me. As well as having total relief from chronic knee pain I also had a scar that I had had from 1987 that almost totally disappeared, I have not had a psoriasis problem since and I experienced a deep sense of inner peace and calm. The most dramatic affect, that was immediate, was I was able to see beautiful, large auras around trees and plants. Lynn was very professional and I felt totally secure and at peace with the treatment."

- Bonnie Burke, Ontario, Canada

I experienced The Reconnection with Lynn Deen on the Sea Angels Cruise. This reconnection was the single most important experience of healing that I have encountered. I have felt a calmness and peacefulness that has been everlasting. My wish is that every person could have the same.

- Joy Fox

Lynn Deen

* * * Complementary Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine. If symptoms persist or the ailment is severe, please consult a physician. * * *