Lynn Deen, LLC
Sacramento CA Area • Gainesville/Chiefland Florida

Donít wait any Longer! Learn what is keeping you from optimum health. Identify specific pathogens (mold, bacteria, virus, chemicals, metals), hormone imbalances, food/inhales allergies and much more that are causing underlying health issues.

Find the root causes, find the solutions.

Lynn Deenís practice specializes in comprehensive, non-invasive Meridian Stress Assessment Screening and a myriad of other hands-on techniques to optimize your health. The practice officers a unique blend of many transformative holistic skills and tools designed to balance mind body, emotions and spirit. The diversity of techniques can be integrated together and/or used with other practices such as Acupuncture and western medicine to provide optimum balance of the entire human energy system. The techniques are safe and effective.

Lynn has studied extensively, invested in sophisticated equipment, and worked with health care professionals so that she can offer a unique set of healing techniques and tools that have made an enormous difference to the clientsí quality of life. Her practice is rare and distinctive because of the broad scope of knowledge and experience she willingly shares. She believes in empowering the client with as much specific knowledge and tools as possible so that they can manage their own health care.

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